GEB-10 Brazilian dark grainy Type 1


Blocks measuring:
70cm x 41 cm x 15 cm.
Weighting: 25 KG (kilograms)


Obtained by cup lumps from various suppliers resulting from natural or chemical coagulation, subjected to shredding, creping-washing, granulation and drying in a stove. The main characteristics are the property of regaining the original shape after considerable deformation, reaches up to 30 times the original length, the property of strength, wear, tear, low heat development, flexibility, elasticity, compression, and corrosion. For this reason, it's used by tire manufacture, automotive industry, sporting goods, electrical, footwear industry, construction, etc.

Our product meets the quality requirements of NBR ISO 2000:2010 which determines the specification of natural rubber. The requirements can change accordingly to each customer. With a modern laboratory fully equipped, we provide reliability in all types of analyses of the process of beneficiation of natural rubber. The performed tests of cup lump and GEB samples ensure homogeneity and a fine-tuning of the process.