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Preserve the economic sustainability of the business focusing on risks and opportunities.


Fidelity on commercial and work relations.

About us

The NB is a company of natural rubber beneficiation of GEB (Brasilian dark grainy). Located at Rodovia Roberto Mário Perosa (SP 379) - KM 21, Urupês - São Paulo State.

Mapa Noroeste Borracha

Ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements is a priority for us, the entire company is committed to this goal. The quality is sought in all stages, from technical support to the raw material suppliers, extending throughout the beneficiation process to delivering to the customer, ensuring compliance of the products with the customer requirements.

The majority of the production goes to pneumatic companies, the rest goes to other markets (soles, hoses and more), where the customer requirements comply with the current standard for the natural rubber. Our team skills are fundamental in achieving quality; their preparation and knowledge are promoted through internal and external training.

The NB is inserted in agribusiness, based on primary production of cup lump of the Hevea Brasiliensis, negotiating with cup lump producers and receiving raw material for processing and production of the final product the GEB (Brasilian dark grainy), which is the raw material to tire and other rubber artifacts producers.

With a modern laboratory fully equipped, we provide reliability in all types of analyses of the process of beneficiation of natural rubber. The performed tests of cup lump and GEB samples ensure homogeneity and a fine-tuning of the process.

Besides assuring the best product to our customer we are also concerned with the environment, we attend all legal requirements from environmental agencies, we also promote maintenance of all our affluents and their reuse in the industrial process. Preservation of our region's rivers and groundwater it's an obligation for us at NB Noroeste Borracha.